The plastic bag. The shopping bag. The bag is desire; curated, collected, possessed, consumed and then thrown away. In this empty state it is amorphous, at the whim of the wind that is carrying it down the street or the tree it is stuck in. Despite (or perhaps because of) its status as refuse, the bag carries with it a sense of wonder, a sublime beauty. 

We are not trying to redefine beauty. Rather, we are relocating it to the most mundane corners of experience, and therefore to the most collective/the most cosmic/the most beautiful. We are not anti-beauty. Beauty is witness. Beauty makes the world want to live. It is not about aesthetic pleasure. It is not often comfortable. Art is loving beauty as you would a person, one who you witness, one you care for, one who makes you want to live, one you’d give your life for. 


Benjamin Socolofsky is a poet and refuse enthusiast living in Las Vegas, NV. He is currently an MFA candidate at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.